St. Luke’s Hospice is committed to delivering high quality supporter care, including treating everyone who supports the charity with the highest level of care, consideration and respect.

This Donor Charter has been produced to assure those who support the Hospice – and those who might be considering doing so - of the integrity and accountability of St. Luke’s Hospice and to ensure that all Hospice team members will strive to achieve the highest professional standards relating to fundraising at all times. We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and adhere to the Code of Fundraising Practice

You can also read our full Privacy Policy which outlines how we handle your information. 

As a supporter of St. Luke’s Hospice, you have the right to: 

  • Be treated by representatives of St. Luke’s Hospice, volunteers and other individuals involved with the solicitation and receipt of donations in a fair, transparent, accurate and honest manner in accordance with all applicable laws and the professional codes of fundraising practice, as detailed by the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Regulator.
  • Be informed in all fundraising solicitations of the Hospice name, contact details and charitable status.
  • Receive fundraising solicitations and stewardship reports from St. Luke’s Hospice that are truthful, accurately describe their activities and the intended and actual uses of donated funds.
  • Receive appropriate and timely acknowledgment, recognition and agreed publicity for their donation in accordance with the donor’s wishes.
  • Have the terms applicable to their gift observed and to be consulted if their donation cannot be used for its intended purpose.
  • Be kept informed of the impact of their philanthropy and St. Luke’s Hospice evolving needs and priorities. This may include receiving communications and updates relating to on supported activity.
  • Be assured that donors’ rights to privacy and confidentiality will be respected with all donor records and database information kept secure. At St. Luke’s Hospice we take donors' right to privacy very seriously. Any personal information will be treated in full compliance with the UK General Data Protection Regulations 2018. St. Luke’s Hospice will not sell the donor list. Donors will have the right to see their own donor record and to challenge its accuracy. Our Privacy Policy outlines in detail the ways in which we may process your data.
  • Be asked in writing for permission to be cited in case studies and other promotional material (including photographs) prior to publication.
  • Have their support treated as anonymous if requested.
  • Have access to St. Luke’s Hospice's most recent published financial accounts and be assured that the organisation’s financial affairs are being conducted in a responsible manner.
  • Express and update contact preferences by contacting the Fundraising team on 01268 524973 or [email protected]

Protecting vulnerable individuals

St. Luke’s Hospice has a Vulnerable Persons policy and members of the Fundraising team are required to read and understand their role in this policy as part of their induction at the Hospice. 


St. Luke’s Hospice is committed to continuous development and improvement and welcomes feedback – both where we are doing well, and areas we could improve – from our supporters.

If you would like to share your feedback, please contact the Fundraising team on 01268 524973, email [email protected] or you can write to us at FAO Fundraising team, St. Luke’s Hospice, Farriers Way, Bulphan, Upminster RM14 3EB. A member of the team will respond to any complaints within 20 working days.