At St. Luke’s Hospice we greatly value the support of Trusts and Foundations, who help us to deliver specialist palliative and end of life care to those in South West Essex. As partners in delivery you can help to ensure that this essential care is delivered where and when it is most needed, whether in support of our everyday service delivery or a specific project.

We have many great opportunities available to support the vital work of our services. If your Trust or Foundation would like to learn more about opportunities to support St. Luke’s Hospice, please contact [email protected] or call 01268 524973

"What’s fantastic about working with Trusts and Foundations, is the opportunity to work in partnership to deliver a variety of services and projects.

"We greatly value the support of our funders and seek to keep them updated on the progress and impact of their grant. We value every gift an organisation can give whether that’s £100 or £100,000, every donation goes towards supporting our local community."

- Sarah Marshall, Trusts and Foundations Officer at St. Luke's Hospice

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