Make a Will Online - a convenient and secure way to leave a gift in your Will to St. Luke’s Hospice.

Do something amazing and remember St. Luke's Hospice in your Will. Your gift will help us support the next generation of local people and their families and respond to the changing needs of our community into the future. 

Make a Will Online is a solicitor-led service and every Will is checked by a solicitor. You can get further peace of mind with the ability to protect your Will with free access to Capacity Vault with every Will you make.

To get started:

1. Make a Will Online website

2. Answer a straightforward set of questions

3. Review everything on a summary screen

4. Make payment of £60 once your Will is complete and Make a Will Online will donate £20 to St. Luke’s Hospice

5. Receive your Will by email, with full instructions

Make your Will online

When you make a Will online using the link above, we are provided with information that is useful to us, such as, the date your Will was completed and the existence of any gifts to the Hospice. You can also choose to share your name and contact details with us. If you would prefer to keep all of this information confidential, you can visit the main Make a Will Online website.

Whichever way you choose to leave a gift in your Will, we are incredibly grateful.

Other ways to include a gift to St. Luke's Hospice in your Will

If you would prefer to make your Will face to face, have complicated wishes or a large estate above the Inheritance Tax threshold, you can find out more about other ways to make your Will

Any questions? 

Please contact our Legacies team on 01268 524973 or email [email protected]

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