A gift in your Will is a very special way of supporting St. Luke's Hospice in the future. 

In addition to making your Will online or by taking part in Make a Will Month in September, you can approach a professional (e.g. a solicitor or will writer) in person or online, or you can make a Will yourself if your wishes and estate are straightforward.

You must take care to ensure that your Will is valid, otherwise your estate may not be distributed in accordance with your wishes. More information about writing your Will and ensuring it is valid can be found on the Gov.uk website.

If you already have a solicitor or if you would rather speak with a solicitor face to face, you should do so. Likewise, if you have complicated wishes or a large estate above the Inheritance Tax threshold. You can find a traditional solicitor through the Law Society.

When including a gift to St. Luke’s Hospice in your Will, you will need to reference our full name, registered charity number and registered address in your Will, which are:

St Luke’s Hospice (Basildon and District) Limited, registered charity number 289466, registered office at St. Lukes Hospice, Fobbing Farm, Nethermayne, Basildon SS16 5NJ

Any questions? 

Please contact our Legacies team on 01268 524973 or email [email protected]

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