Every year we join Hospice UK and people from around the UK to support Dying Matters Awareness Week. The week encourages all communities to get talking about death and dying in whatever way, shape or form works for them. 

The theme this year is ‘The way we talk about Dying Matters’ and focuses on the language that we use, and conversations we have, around death and dying – specifically between healthcare professionals and patients, their carers and their families.  

Each day from today, Monday 6th until Sunday 12th May our team will share their tips and advice on how to start honest transparent conversations about death and dying, to help people feel informed, supported and empowered at the most vulnerable times of their lives. We will also have feedback from patients who have received support from our care teams. 

Below is feedback from patients in our care along with tips taken from Hospice UKs advice on ‘How to start a conversation about death and dying. 

‘How to start a conversation about death and dying. 

  • Be honest.  

  • Listen to the other person and pay attention to their body language.  

  • Stay calm.  

  • Don't be afraid to cry.  

  • Don’t feel you have to talk all the time.  

  • Let the person know they can talk to you if they need to.   

“We have been supported every step of the way.  Attending Clinical Out-Patients prepared us mentally about what is going on and the doctor has been open and honest with us all the way through. We all feel very able to ask questions if we need to and this has been so helpful. “   

“Being able to have a conversation with the staff and nurses, makes me feel very at ease.” 

“The doctors are so kind and explain things so nicely and gently. They have explained everything in a way we can understand.” 

“Things were explained beautifully which gave us much comfort. I am very anxious and everyone has been very kind and put me at ease. A lot has been explained to me in a kind and patient way.” 

OneResponse had been so lovely to us.  They were responsive and calm and they always made us feel better after each call.   Often they helped us to feel confident to do things to help mum like increasing her pain medications.”

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