What is St. Luke's Hospice care and support?

Many people think our care is for those who are nearing the very end of their life, and that care is only accessible on-site at the Hospice. It surprises many to learn that St. Luke's Hospice provides 16 patient facing services - and the In-Patient Unit is just one of these.

Our Hospice teams can support and care for people at many different stages of their life; from the point of diagnosis to their final days.   

Services extend to support loved ones and carers, and we collaborate with health and social care partners.

A what point can Hospice care and support start?

From the point of diagnosis of when an illness is no longer curable/palliative.

Why Hospice care and not Hospital?

St. Luke's Hospice is the specialist in providing care for patients who's illnesses are no longer curable, in Basildon and Thurrock.  Our teams outreach into the community and work closely with our colleagues in the Hospital to make sure appropriate care is co-ordinated and accessible. St. Luke's Hospice teams are often best placed to care for those with specialist, palliative needs.

How is the Hospice funded?

St. Luke's Hospice receives some funding from the government, via annual grants to part fund some services and fully fund others (known as Requested Services).  

We still need to raise over 11K each day to maintain the care and support we provide, from donations and fundraising.

How many people does the Hospice help?

Over 2700 patients are supported by St. Luke's Hospice every year.  

What is OneResponse?

OneResponse is a 24/7 telephone support and advice line, open every day of the year.  Calls are triaged, assessed and passed quickly to the appropriate Hospice team.  Calls to OneResponse can reach as many as 5000 in a single month*.

Does the St. Luke's Hospice team include doctors?

Yes. We have a team that includes Palliative Care Consultants and a Specialty Doctor. Alongside this we have a Multidisciplinary team of Clinical Nurse Specialists, Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants, Clinical Administration, Specialist Therapy Team, Supportive Care Staff and volunteers.

What do I do if I have a query about St. Luke's Hospice?

Please call us.  We are always here to help and encourage you to get in touch on 01268 524973 (main switchboard) or 01268 526259 (OneResponse).

*Recorded May 2020.

General care queries - 01268 524 973
OneResponse 24/7 support line - 01268 526 259

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