Our specialist Lymphoedema care team could provide care to you if you are living with Primary Lymphoedema (if you are born with it), Secondary Lymphoedema (which may be due to a number of reasons such as cancer, vascular problems, trauma or obesity) and also Lipoedema (an abnormal build-up of fat). The team can provide clinical expertise, support and practical help if you are living with any these conditions and live across South Essex.

Lymphoedema is a long-term chronic condition caused when the lymphatic system does not work properly, causing swelling in the body's tissues. It can affect any part of the body but is most commonly found in the arms and legs.

Referrals to our Lymphoedema care team

We encourage early referral at the onset of any oedematous swelling (excess of watery fluid).

Referral can be made by any health care professional and we also accept self-referrals. To make a referral, request a referral form or discuss any care details please call 01268 524973 and ask for the South Essex Lymphoedema Service team.

How we can help

Our care team offer appointments across a number of venues and will try our best to accommodate appointments to best suit you, wherever possible.

An initial assessment normally takes place at your first appointment which will be carried out by a Clinical Specialist in Lymphoedema. This will include advice regarding skin care, exercise regime, recreational exercise, self-massage and the various types of compression therapy available.

We also offer access to a support group a few times a year which are available to you, your carer/s and family. The support group meetings provide an opportunity to enjoy guest speakers, gain information, advice and support, as well as providing the opportunity to meet and talk to other people with Lymphoedema. Our Lymphoedema specialists are also on hand at each group to provide support on an individual or private basis.

General care queries - 01268 524 973
OneResponse 24/7 support line - 01268 526 259

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