There are many reasons why time spent on the In-Patient Unit might be right for you; for respite, support with your symptoms, help with pain management or for some time to put things in place to return home. Our Hospice in Basildon also provides end of life care.

Whilst staying on the In-Patient Units your care is provided by a dedicated, friendly and specialist team. We will listen and respond to you, enabling you to remain in control of your care needs. During your stay you may wish to watch a favourite movie, order your favourite meal, spend time with loved ones in the beautiful gardens or enjoy your favourite tipple. Your needs will be respected and your care is our number one priority. 

To discuss care and support for yourself or a loved one, please call our care team today on 01268 524 973 or contact our 24/7 OneResponse line on 01268 526 259.

It is natural to feel anxious before coming into the Hospice, but knowing what to expect can help. The information below provides some details in preparation. If you feel unsure or have any additional questions or concerns, please give the care team a call who will gladly spend time speaking with you.

Is there a charge for staying at the Hospice?
No, our In-Patient care is free of charge.

How do I get referred?
The Hospice welcomes self referrals (made via a telephone call from you to the Hospice*) as well as professional referrals. These can come from a family doctor, district nurse or hospital doctor or anyone from Health and Social care who is supporting you.
*Please call us to discuss and confirm a referral with our care team before visiting the Hospice.

How do I get to and find either Hospice and is there parking?
All the details - our address, contact details and map for directions - can be found by visiting the contact us page. Our car parks are free for those accessing services, visiting loved ones and our staff.

What do I bring when being admitted to stay?
When you come to the Hospice please bring toiletries and towels, night clothes and slippers, day clothes, shoes and a coat (if required). Also any personal items such as photographs and pictures to display in your bedroom.

If you have any tablets, medicines or dressings prescribed by your own doctor it is important that you bring these with you and hand them to the nursing staff as soon as you arrive.

What are the rooms like?
There are a total of 14 private, single occupancy rooms at Basildon and Thurrock. Each room is equipped with a single bed, a specialist air mattress for increased comfort and support, and a rise and recliner chair. Every room has a television and wardrobes/drawers for your clothes and personal belongings. In addition, each room has: 

  • Washing facilities and those staying with us can use the separate Jacuzzi spa bath
  • Access to the private garden and patio area is available from each bedroom
  • A 24/7 supervised call bell, linked to the nurse’s station, just outside the bedrooms
  • Wi-Fi and electronic devices are available for in-Patients to use, for reading, to play games and to stay in touch with loved ones

There is a separate communal lounge with tea and coffee making facilities, where you can also spend time with loved ones away from your private room, if preferred.

Can I have visitors?
Yes, we encourage visits from family and friends if you're staying with us. We make every effort to accommodate you and your loved ones on a 24 hour basis. Of course, there may be occasions when restrictions are needed and we would ask for your understanding during these times, but we will always be as flexible as possible.

Visits from children are welcome, but in the interest of all our patients, we ask that they are supervised by a responsible adult at all times, and the privacy of our patients is respected.

Most pets are welcome onto the In-Patient unit. Please speak with the Nurse in charge to confirm arrangements before your pet visits you at the Hospice. There may be occasions were restrictions are necessary, but we will be as flexible as possible. Please also see our latest visiting guidelines.

Do you support young people moving to adult healthcare?
Yes, care can start from as early as 14 years old and the St. Luke's team will work with a young person's established care team throughout the moving process.  We will support the young person and their family to understand the changes that will take place when moving into adult based care services.  The move can offer new opportunities, and increased independence for the young person and these will be discussed in full.  We also offer a range of supportive care services for young people aged 16+ who are living with a life limiting illness.

How can I access spiritual care?
It is important we understand all your needs. If you are staying with us, we encourage you to let us know about your spiritual care needs as soon as possible. Your visitors are also welcome to speak with us about their religious and non-religious spiritual needs.

How can I get support with my emotional wellbeing?
You can access support from our professional counselling service. The Supportive Care team works with adults, children and young people who are affected by palliative illnesses and bereavement. Please speak with your care team for details.

I'm worried about my loved ones. Is there support for them?
Yes, support for your loved ones and carers can be discussed with the Supportive Care team. This includes a Carers Support service, which offers 1-1 advice as well as support groups, giving a chance for your loved ones to meet others in similar situations. Please speak with your care team for details.

General care queries - 01268 524 973
OneResponse 24/7 support line - 01268 526 259

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